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02-18-2010, 02:09 PM
What about Griffith?
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Originally Posted by jmiller010 View Post
I disagree with pretty much everything you wrote...except about the fact that the "WNHL" wouldn't work.

I used to be pretty tough on women's hockey. No checking, the shots always seemed pretty weak, it was a pretty slow skating game. But, I have been nothing short of VERY IMPRESSED with teams like Canada, USA, Slovakia, Switzerland, etc. Those girls know how to play, no matter how much we all like to pretend we're better players, and how much we say "it's not really hockey" because body checking isn't allowed.

I'm not usually a defendant of women's sports (I've been accused of being sexist more than once on this board), but drop the stereotypes for a second and try to watch a women's game without the hate glasses on, and don't go out of your way to compare it to the men's tournament every chance you get. I really doubt you aren't impressed.
don't try to make me out to be some kind of dick because I think women's hockey is not exciting or fun to watch. It's got nothing to do with your characterizations of me stereotyping non-body contract hockey as bad hockey.

I watched the canada vs slovakia game and it's probably the most pathetic display of an 18 goal game i've ever seen in my life. There might have been 2 crisp passes the entire game(85% were behind the inteded player or just plain off target), the shooting was terribly weak, it was painfully slow, and the only thing that impressed me was the goaltending from canada (made some good saves despite getting no work.

acting as though i've got "hate glasses" on for a female sport just because I find it to be low quality hockey...which many will agree with me on...does not make me a hater of women or women's sports.

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