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09-25-2003, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Tom_Benjamin
I'm confused. What CBA would be in force?

Are you suggesting the league could negotiate a CBA without a salary cap - let's say they extend the current agreement for 10 years - and CBA in place, make these changes?

They then merge all the teams, and impose conditions that affect labour without going back to the negotiating table? And the NHLPA would have no recourse?

I'm not sure what would your question is, but I'll try to answer. If the league merged into one entity, the current CBA would still be in effect (otherwise it becomes a breach of contract action). The difference is, is that if the NHL continued as 30 separate entities, any action take by the owners to restrict themselves, that is not in the CBA, must not violate anti-trust laws. If the NHL is 1 entity, any action taken by the owners to restrict themselves, that is not in CBA or forbidden by the CBA, does not have to be cleared by anyone and does not implcate anti-trust laws. Did I answer your question?

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