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Originally Posted by nullterm View Post
If a player comes out a head hunts another out of the blue for no or whatever random reason, then the ref couldn't have prevented that.

But if two teams start chippy and it keeps escalating then the ref can take steps to prevent (although not 100%) it from getting out of hand. Bench warnings to let everyone know to smarten up or else, or just plain ejecting the bad apples to let the guys who are there to play do so.

Refs can control the tone of the game, I've seen it done many times. I've also seen some refs who can't or don't know how and things can go sideways. After playing long enough, you figure out what to expect from different refs.
I never said that a referee can't control a game. My point was that any attempts to do so is completely dependent on player response. Like I said, I've had games where I've called so many penalties, kicked out multiple players, and the game still had no control.

Especially in minor hockey and the beer leagues, the adults who are either coaching (minor) or playing (beer leagues) need to be in control of their own actions at all times, with or without a referee making the appropriate calls. Why is it so hard for players and coaches to do that? Referees are not there to be babysitters.

When I still skated beer league games, I did snap on one bench after being told I had no control over the game. My comments were to the tune of, "That game sheet is almost full, you guys are still playing like morons, I've ejected 5 players already, and you're telling ME I have no control on this game? I don't have a ****ing stick in my hands. Shut up and smarten up."

Originally Posted by Moses Doughty View Post
So pretty much your telling me in my situation it wasn't the refs fault. Do you really believe if the refs had called the checking from behind, boarding, goalie interference penalties upwards of 15 times that they would do ot again. Heck, they would've stopped at 3 of those penalties if the refs had a brain and called obvious calls for anyone who knows hockey. If you really believe calling penalties won't help prevent injuries your isane.
Like I said above, it can, but it's not a guarantee. Calling penalties is not a remote control to turn the level of dirty play down. It is 100% up to the players and coaches as to whether they get the message or not. You cannot sit there and say that had the referee called more penalties earlier during the game, that your player would not have been hit from behind and concussed. You just can't.

THAT, and when you described your situation, the basis for your complaint was that the referee only called a minor, then you suggested the concussion was the referee's fault. So again, how the hell would a major penalty being called instead of a minor take away the concussion?

Originally Posted by Moses Doughty View Post
And in a game I played my temmate shoves a guy onto me. Yea I know it's not goalie interference but the guy doesn't get off of me(purposely) as the pucks moving around behind the net and they have it at the side. He gets up as they pass it to the slot and I hurry up to my feet but they score. I'm complaining to the ref that he shouldve whitsled in the crease on them he says my temmate shoved him on me so no call. I know that so I say that the guy just laid down on me and that's why there shouldve been a call. He just skates away.
I skate away too when players try to talk to me when they don't know the rules. As you've already been told, the crease rule cannot apply if the player has been shoved in.

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