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01-24-2005, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan10
I think we'll end up shedding four contracts in order to get to the required level. I'm thinking Roenick, Leclair, Amonte and Desjardins will all be gone. And then you can throw in some extra fodder like Burke, Fedoruk and/or Brashear, maybe even Kapannen.

This whole level just sucks. I'm taking a look at most teams and some of the talent that would be moved is insane. There's no way that the possibility of redistributing talent can be good for the league. There are teams who are having a hard time even meeting the floor of $31 million, so how can they take on more salary if there isn't any significant revenue sharing.
Getting rid of LeClair, Amonte, and Burke would be my first priority, saving us $20 mil right there. With Recchi, Malakhov, and Zhamnov also probably not being re-signed we save quite a bit from last season, maybe even enough to sneak in under the cap. It all depends on how easy it will be to shed big contracts via a buyout, since no one wil want these players and their salaries. We have players to fill all other holes if Carter plays. I dont want to give up Roenick just yet , and We still need Desjardins on defense, since we really dont have many good prospects past Seidenberg back there.

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