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02-19-2010, 01:05 AM
Seth Lake
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Actually, it was all started and lead by none other than the immortal Canadian homer Pierre McGuire...Olczyk disagreed with him during the game action and then both Milbury and Roenick disagreed with him during the intermissions. It wasn't until after the game that all three said that the defense for Team USA needed to improve before facing Canada on Sunday, but honestly...that was the truth...

The forwards for Team USA have to do a better job recognizing when the US defensemen pinch down the wall to make sure that the third forward (F3) stays high to cover the point. Additionally, the F3 must do a better job recognizing when both F1 and F2 are working the puck or forechecking below the goal line and maintain a position high enough from which they can read the forecheck and support or support the defensemen on the backcheck, allowing the defensemen to stand up a little more through the NZ and negate a quick or odd-man attack to constantly force the defensemen to back in to the tops of the faceoff circles and generate quality opportunities.

The Swiss did a great job of buying into their system as a team. They worked hard, took short shifts, sacrificed all over the rink, and most importantly made sure to play simple defensive hockey and force Team Canada to beat them to take the win.

The elite teams in this event will pick you apart if you give them the opportunity to do so. In every game at every level each team will get a handful of scoring chances if they match the work ethhic of their opponent simply by the back and forth nature of the game. The way to maximize your chances of winning however usually come down to two things...1) taking advantage of your chances when you get them and 2) doing all you can to limit the opportunities you hand to your opponent.

It's a very simple formula. You play solid, responsible, simple defensive hockey, give it all you can each shift, and remember your fundamentals and you can theoretically beat any opponent you face...

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