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01-24-2005, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by slimer
I'm sure it would still take almost as much to get him now as it did when the Blues aquired him. That was a 2nd line center, two blue chip prospects, and a 1st. It may take a little less now that he is a little older, but not a whole lot more. Oh, and Walt hasn't been a lockerroom problem or a poor playoff performer in STL.

OK, First off let me establish that I am a Blues fan.

1) That is not what we traded for Tkachuk. At the time of the trade, Handzus was considered an above average 3rd liner and Nagy was considered too small and weak to play at the NHL level(this was after half a season of bouncing between Worcester and St. Louis(on the second line with Demitra and 'Zus)), most considered Nagy a bust. Taffe was considered a good prospect(although not a Blue Chip) and was generally considered the biggest part of the trade from our POV. In essence, we traded a 3rd liner, 2 good prospects(Taffe and a mid-level First rounder) and a small but skilled player who most thought would go bust.

2) At the time we traded for Walt he was making 8.7 mil. Nearly(less than 500K difference) the same as what he will make next year(9 mil). The thing is, it has been 4 years. Walt is going on 33, an age when MOST players start to decline(not just PF's). On top of that, we also have the CBA to consider. His TV now is substantially less than what it was when we aquired him. That said, he does still have some Trade value. He is still a legit top line forward that scores goals(he may not an "Elite" PF anymore but he is still a good PF). Looking at the Jagr trade, they got a top 2 line forward in return(Anson Carter). IF the Blues were to eat 4 mil we would expect a similar return: a second line forward or the equivilent TV of one(meaning a 3rd liner and a prospect/pick).

In this scenario, the Blues would want a potential 20 goal scorer coming our way(ideally a winger and not a center) along with a decent(not nessisarily a Blue chipper but a potential scoring line) prospect.

As a starting point, I'd say a Tkachuk +4 mil for Schaefer and a 2nd would be fair(that is, if the Sen's really want Tkachuk).

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