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02-19-2010, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by czechmate25 View Post
This arguement doesn't hold that much water considering the KHL plays on the bigger ice surface which caters to the younger speedy player. At 38 years old, he can no longer skate the way he did 15 years ago. Playing on a smaller ice surface would most likely benefit him at this stage of his career.
That doesn't explain why he wasn't a PPG player in the NHL. And when the level of competition is less than it was in the NHL and there are fewer games to play in the KHL. If anything, the bigger ice surface should help as defensemen aren't as close to him as they would be in the NHL.

Originally Posted by czechmate25 View Post
Moreover, I also think he'd benefit not being the "go to guy" for his team EVERYNIGHT. Not saying that would be the case here considering the team currently assembled but playing behind Gabby would be a win win for the organization. Look at how well Gabs was playing early on in the year.....lately, his numbers have slipped a little. Why? Because teams can focus solely on him......with jags on board, opposing teams would have to decide which line to concentrate on.....thus, opening up space for the other.
The question is whether Jagr wants to be paid as the go-to guy. He's never been known to leave money on the table.

Originally Posted by czechmate25 View Post
The last part of this quoted post is the funniest. You say that he paced himself so he had something left in the tank for the playoffs. Do you remember the playoffs that year? Jagr was the only player on the team that had ANYTHING! He was by far our best act like he dogged it all year and the team missed the playoffs. Jagr knows his body better than anyone and he knew what he had to do to be effective during the time of year that matters. To bad he didn't have any help from the so called "superstars" brought in as the future of the team....if so, we might have went somewhere that year.
Glad you found it funny. It would have been hysterical if they had failed to make the playoffs. Boy would there have been egg on Jags' face!

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