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02-19-2010, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by sheed36 View Post
Due to being up against the cap I don't expect much action from the Habs either...

I just have this bad feeling though that one of the goalies will be moved and it will come back to haunt us for years to come..Which one to trade is the real dilemma for Habs management if one goalie really needs to go...I would hate if the guy they dealt turned into a star and the one they kept didn't pan out like expected..

This situation needs to be handled very very carefully by the Habs..
this is very true, but as i argued in the price/halak thread, if we get a great return for whomever we do trade, we give ourselves the best chance of coming out ok, regardless of how well the player does with his new team.

Halak is on fire in 2010, and the olympics might just be the last straw that breaks any doubts GM's of other teams have in his ability to handle the pressure of being #1... of winning when it counts.

If he plays well enough to erase any doubts, he might just be worth a big return to a team needing to improve their goaltending situation for the playoffs...

each have solid young talent that they can "afford" to move, each have a problem in nets, each has a roster solid enough to compete for a cup now and in the next 2-3 seasons...

if we ended up moving Price or Halak, but got back a player like Giroux/Carlson-Alzner/Beach and a 1st round pick in this draft, we'd be putting ourselves in a pretty good situation.

- add a great young talent with elite potential
- give the remaining goalie the confidence of being "the guy", and bring in a vet to help mentor/back him up as he continues to develop
- give the team a better cap situation moving forward (both Price and Halak will be in the 3M$+ range next year, keeping both means an extra ~2m on the books that isn't necessary, not too mention that adding a young talent like the players named above means 2-4 seasons of a good roster player at a very cheap cap hit

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