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02-19-2010, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by BernieHexBergEry View Post
I absolutely love these lines and can tell that you put a lot of thought into them.

Carcillo at Center is perfect. He has the vision, speed, defensive abilities, and is good on faceoffs. Bartulis on Wing should have been thought of sooner. We could call up Morganti if we need more size and grit on this line.

Briere should have never left Center. He belongs there. Boucher on Wing is perfect because he is a big body with great hands, and is willing to throw his weight around. Giroux will be setting the two of them up non stop! Boucher will be the new Knuble!

Richards - Cote - Meltzer is a thing of beauty. Cote and Richards are a match made in heaven and this should have been put together a long time ago. I can't believe Stevens never tried it. Meltzer has the hockey intelligence to be in the right spot at all times. With both Cote's and Richard's passing abilities, Meltzer will be one of the most successful third liners in the game! I would also like to use Meltzer in Shootouts. I think he may have something that we haven't seen yet.

Carter - Ward - Lappy would make a great fourth line. I always thought Carter would be a good Fourth liner, and I think they could possibly be one of the most hard working solid group of Fourth liners EVER. Carters hitting and Lappy's breakaway speed combined would be SICK.

On D:

Coburn would definitely be carried by Reese, but I think this could work. Reese just needs to come down on his pinching.

Gagne and Carle would make an excellent pairing because Gags is smart defensively and can stay back while Carle concentrates on Offense. (wait, this is accurate...maybe we SHOULD try this?)

Pronger - Leino

I'd prefer Pronger as the 7th defenseman and maybe making a pitch for that Vandermeer guy, or possibly someone like Mike York.

In Goal:

Betts is solid, but I think we should look into a more capable backup (maybe someone like Pitkanen, Souray, or maybe bring Barnaby, Keith Jones, or PJ Stock out of retirement).
Wow. It's like you climbed into my brain and said everything I was thinking.

The Melt-my-rye line: (Melt)zer (Mi)ke Richards (Ri)ley Cote would also be my "last minute of the game" line since all three would dominate the faceoff circle.

You bring up some great points with the York, Jones, Barnaby suggestions as well that I hadn't thought of. Perhaps we should look at my lines as a rough draft sort of thing. I guess I was just trying to fit Leighton in there because of his recent success.

I actually heavily debated having Therien in the lineup as well but I just couldn't find the right fit for him. Maybe 13th forward? I feel his accurate shot combined with his blazing speed would really fit Lavvys system. He was fast when he retired and he looks so tremendously fit and trim now that "speedy forward" is really the only place that he would fit.

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