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Originally Posted by koh19 View Post
I'm soon gonna be 20 years old and it means that I'm no longer gonna be a junior player.

I currently play in the 3rd league in my country (which is the highest amateur level before the pros) and although we're not pros (not even half pro), players have to sign contracts.

Now this is new to me, I've never had a contract before and I certainly don't know what I'm entitled to or not. I didn't ask my teammates what it involves because it really seems a little private IMO. I don't even know what my teammates got this year, because they do get a little something , that, I know, but I haven't got a clue of how much we're talking about here. I've heard rumors that some guys can get as much as 10'000 swiss francs per year. I also heard a guy talking about the fact that he got some money for all the travelling he does to go to practices and games. I also think that some players get money for their equipment.

I don't even know what players get in the entire league in general.

The "contract" guy of my club said that we had to prepare a list of things we wanted for next season, what we didn't like this season and what changes we'd like to see. I don't know what I'm supposed to say. We're gonna meet on Monday.

For example, can I like ask for a free gym membership of my choice to train this offseason? stuff like that

I know that I'm the one who should know about this stuff and that most of you guys don't even live in the same country as me but I really haven't got a clue.

Thanks for the help guys
Definitely talk to a professional, even talk to a veteran on your team, it will help you out.

But keep in mind, you can always ask for anything, it's up to them if they want to give it, it all depends on how much you think they value you in comparison to how much they actually do.

If you ask for something unreasonable, say, 20,000 swiss francs when you have only heard rumours of 10,000, and say a new car, chances are you will be turned down.

Right now, make a list of things you like playing for the team, and a list of things you don't like, be brutally honest on both sides, and then take a look at the list of things you don't like, see what you have control over, if one of the things is travel, not too much control over there, but maybe there is something else you can affect.

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