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02-19-2010, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by sjmay View Post
From L.A., left god, almost 10 years ago if I got my time line straight lol,

You want another reason why the guy laid on ya? lol Now don't get all pissy on me, but it's men's hockey, they all suck, generally speaking that is about 90% of the reasons why things happen in men's hockey, is because guys have either A. played in their youth, gave it up and are now back to it, or B. never played in their youth but love the game and are playing now.

NEITHER is a bad thing when you have your head on straight, but it's rare for someone from either group to know the game well enough to be able to comment without bias on a play that happened in a game they were involved with, either it was a GREAT CALL because your team benefited from it, or it was a BRUTAL CALL, because you didn't, there is no middle ground on about 90% of the calls made in men's hockey.

The guy got pushed into you, hard, not hard, doesn't matter, he was probably disoriented, was looking around wondered WTF just happened, looked for his stick, had you yelling in his ear, etc.

BTW, I am pretty sure it took less than 5 seconds to get the puck to the slot, so try this sometime, k next shinny or pre-game ya got some time on your hands, stand in front of then net, put a defenseman in the crease, have someone flatten you from behind or not either way, hard enough into the "goaltender" and then count how long it takes for you to disentangle yourself. You'd be surprised.
A. I'm 90% sure that the rink has been there for more than 10 years. Right next to historical Oxanard and Wagon Wheel if you know what that is.

B. I've mentioned this in the thread, this isn't beer league. This is a 16A tournament against Utahs top team.

C. I wasn't yelling at him and I know he wasn't going WTF?? And he wasn't tangled up he was laying on me. And there was a puck battle behind the net, and popped to the side and passed into the slot. Do you really think falling down is going to disorient someone? If this pissing match doesn't stop I'm out.

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