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01-24-2005, 07:43 PM
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Pitt beat NE on 31 October when NE did not have Dillon (huge RB and needed for all the PA the Pats run), their top wide reciever (Branch), and they lost one of the best corners in the game on the second defensive play (Law). Had even Dillon players--he was a game-time decision IIRC--Pats win that game. But it would have been all for naught as the Miami Dolphins would have ended their perfect season a few weeks later.

But, what is funny is that all the talk shows around here were talking about how BB (that would be Bill Belichick in Pats speak) wanted to lose that game so that the team did not have to focus on the winning streak. I don't believe that, but BB is just that good that it could have been true.

In any case...I am a huge McNabb fan but I dislike all teams from Philly mostly because I dislike all of their fans (in a general sense--meaning all that I have met). But honestly I see no way Philly (or as Stewart Scott says on SportsCenter - the Illidelph) wins this game. On the whole, Pittsburg's defense is better. Not by much, but it is. The Colts had a better offense--dome or not. Manning is a great statistical quarterback. James is a franchise running back. The Patriots beat each fairly handedly with the exception of the 1st half of the Indy game. Pats win this game without question. Philly will keep it close in the first half, but I see NE pulling away.

NE 30
PHI 17

14-14 at half

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