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Originally Posted by Leafs Forever View Post
The very foolish (to me) 6 team arguement again. Find me someone who couldn't get into the NHL at the time due to 6 teams who could have even come close to challenging Howe for his awards.

There is the summit series to consider with your question of these guys going head to head, but I don't know. I think chemistry may be a factor there if it was NHL all star teams you're talking about.

Khlarmov played mostly against only Europeans- there weren't any Canadians in his league, and most of the best players of the time were canadian. In Howe's time, there were very few Europeans who could actually be top-10 scorers in Howe's league- unlikely anyone in the 50s Russians, who struggled against Canadian amateurs form what I've heard, and only a couple 60s Russians perhaps.

Howe accomplished nothing internationally because he never got the chance. All those events were done by amateur and minor league teams. The fact that khlarmov accomplished nothing in the NHL is a bigger minus mark than Howe accomplishing nothing internationally.

Championships, medals, etc. are team awards. Howe won 4 more MVP's ahaisnt tougher competition, 5 more league scoring titles against tougher competition, got about twice more NHL AST's than Khlarmov had IIHF AST's and USSR AST's factor in Howe's much better intangibles and his much better longevity, and this isn't remotely close.
For every argument you have an exact counterargument.

People get this idea in their head that the Russians trained for nothing but International competition. WRONG, the RSL was their premier league. The Soviet National Team was nothing but the best Soviets who got some extra time to train every few years.

This is the argument itself! People just assume the Canadians here were the best.

Howe could have played internationally if he wanted, he chose not to though. (Not that he had a reason to) The difference is, Kharlamov didnt even have the choice fear of death prevented him.

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