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01-24-2005, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Bicycle Repairman
Yes it is far-fetched. Possibly lysergic.
All this talk is fantasy anyways ..

I would like to see the NHL contracted down to 24 teams and the talent of those US non-hockey markets being the ones disbanded and their players dispersed to increase the on ice talent and the excitment of the game for the fans .. Its those teams in particular are the reason we are where we are today and a Salary Cap is need to breakup the stronger big market teams to benefit these weak sisters that can compete on equal playing surface .

That move does not make the game better it weakens it ..and when all the dust settles and we have a hard cap and watered down balanced NHL ..There still is a good chance that the Atlanta's and Phoenix's fold as they just can't establish a solid diehard fan base that can sustain them when they are doing poorly in the standings ..

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