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Originally Posted by hockeymaneeak View Post
For every argument you have an exact counterargument.

People get this idea in their head that the Russians trained for nothing but International competition. WRONG, the RSL was their premier league. The Soviet National Team was nothing but the best Soviets who got some extra time to train every few years.

This is the argument itself! People just assume the Canadians here were the best.

Howe could have played internationally if he wanted, he chose not to though. (Not that he had a reason to) The difference is, Kharlamov didnt even have the choice fear of death prevented him.

Yes, I know it was their premier league. Doesn't make it a good a league as the NHL in Howe's times.

What? I don't just assume the Canadians were the best. From everything I have heard, the 50s is when Russian hockey truly dawned, led by Bobrov. They couldn't dominate Canadian amateurs. 70s was of course the heyday of of the Russian leagues, who could match the best NHLers. This was clearly not an overnight change, and as such, the 60s, where Howe also played, were likely somewhere in the middle of the two (Russians dominated internationally at this point, including against canadian amateurs). By the time the Russian peak came around, Howe was virtually done. There wasn't likely anyone in the 50s who could challenge Howe's scoring from Europe based on how there faired internationally, and only a handful of guys in the 60s. This is my understanding of Russian hockey in the time period.

No NHLers played internationally in the 50s or 60s. I'm not sure when the tournaments took place, but if they did during the NHL regular schedule, Howe and all the other Canadians weren't going to get a break to go compete if they wanted too- remember, players rights stunk during this time. He couldn't play if he wanted without some seriously bad reprucussions. Besides, the olympics were much more amateurish at the time ot my knowledge- NHLers may not have even been elligible, but I'm not sure on that.

Yes, it's bad all the blocks in Khlarmov career, but again, we aren't going to value him for things he did nto actually do.

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