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02-20-2010, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by alexanderovechkin8 View Post
LAK would want to keep there pick this year i guess since the draft is in LA
Originally Posted by danaluvsthekings View Post
The draft is in LA this year. I'd imagine it's going to be difficult to get them to part with their 1st round pick.
Ahhhh... seeing this bothers me every time.

The draft being in LA means NOTHING!

DL isn't going to assign extra value to his 1st because of where the draft is, he will determine its value the same as every year, by projected order (probably 20-25) and the strength of the prospects he feel will be available by the time the pick rolls around.

What's so important about the 1st because the draft is in LA? This isn't Montreal. No one here cares. Having a 1st or not isn't going to draw and extra large crowd to the draft.

99% of the people in LA don't give two craps about the NHL draft, or know when or where it is this or any other year, and those who do care will be going regardless of whether or not LA has a 1st, no 1st or 10 1sts, because they want to see the draft, period.

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