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01-24-2005, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by MOGiLNY
Why can't Bettman and co. say screw the union, and implement the rules that they want into the NHL? Bettman can have the NHL use the cap, rookie cap, and every other form of cost certainity that he wants.

Once that's done, Bettman can come out and say, that any player that wants to leave the NHLPA and sign with the NHL teams is welcome to do so. The others can sit at home or go to Europe.

That way there would be no player union, and every man is for himself. If somebody doesn't like the new NHL rules, nobody is forcing them to sign here, and they can go play somewhere else.

I think this way would also ensure that there are no lockouts in the future as there will be no PA to strike.


Why doesn't your boss walk up to you in the morning and tear off your clothes and force you to wear female underwear to work every morning...because they aren't allowed to do so. There is a reason that unions were instituted and it was to specifically limit the domination power of the ownership groups of companies.

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