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02-20-2010, 07:09 PM
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Originally Posted by sjmay View Post
Before you get too deep there sparky, I know the hockey in Cali, specifically SCAHA, and 16A in SCAHA is pretty much, HOUSE league, if you want to be technical in any Eastern State about the Carolina's, Vegas, Phoenix, etc, I know you think you might be the next Roy, but trust me, it's house league.

As far as the UTAH team being good, that again, is pretty funny, yes, yes, I know, they have killed every team that isn't slouches, though I would suppose they should have killed the teams that were slouches as well, it doesn't mean they have played good teams, it means they are the best team in house league.

BTW, I love this gem,

And just because it isnt a penalty doesnt mean you cant call anything. You do know that right?

So, if it's not a penalty or infraction, what exactly do you want called?

You said you havent been here for 10 years, and you think you still know enough to comment on SCAHA hockey? Its changed...alot. And you still believe this is house league quality in 16A? Maybe you should come over and watch a 16A game, then a house game. Its night and day. I could go out as player and do fairly well, and I havent skated out in a league in since first year squirt(or last year mite agewise). I just filled in for about 10 minutes once earlier last year when a goalie was late. I didnt try and had a shutout against what I learned was the by far top team. Only had to try on one kid...a former travel teammate the year before who no one would take due to his 'tude. And it could of been called an in the crease, crease violation after he didnt attempt to get up or out of the crease. Not a penalty.

That was genius.
Originally Posted by Gino 14 View Post
And just think, by complaining to the ref rather than continuing to play, you put your team down a man. Not only do you get tossed, you hurt your team by taking yourself out of the play, but it's the refs fault. Brilliant.
Didnt he say he complained after the whistle? But unless he cursed or chased after the ref I wonder what he said.

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