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Originally Posted by sjmay View Post
For some reason, I believe you are mixing up the meaning of no contact vs no check.

There will always be contact in hockey, minor, adult, ice, roller, there is simply no way to get around that.

Case in point, Player A completes a pass and is watching his pass, and takes a wide turn. Player B, focusing on the puck has no idea that Player A changed angles, and they are on a collision course. They collide.

Penalty or not?

Contact? definitely
Check? No.

What you are saying is that your local roller hockey wants that type of play penalized, so who do you give the penalty to?
Obviously incidental contact and collisions happen. That's reality in any sport.

In no-bodychecking ice hockey, you can still use your body to rub an opponent out along the boards. You just cannot throw a bodycheck or hit open-ice.

In roller hockey, you cannot use your body in any way to gain an advantage on your opponent.

To answer the question above, in the local roller hockey league I officiated, an intentional bodycheck was a Major + Game Misconduct or a Match if the referee feels there was an attempt to injure.

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