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02-21-2010, 11:10 AM
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I believe that we have the more suitable opponent facing Belarus rather than Germany.
None of these teams are bad, don't misunderstand me. (on top of that i didn't see the Germans play).

the logic is mainly statistical yet it is interesting to note :

Belarus repetitively had seriously less shots than Germany AND the opposing team had repeatedly more shots against Belarus than against Germany.

Germany - Finland.....0 - 5 goals........25 - 35 shots
Belarus - Finland.......1 - 5 goals........12 - 45 shots

vs Sweden

Germany - Sweden...0 - 2 goals.........21 - 25 shots
Belarus - Sweden.....2 - 4 goals.........19 - 38 shots

and directly
Belarus - Germany....5 - 3 goals.........17 - 40 shots

Stats are stats ... ok.

I saw Finland and Sweden against Belarus. Finland is impressive, Sweden less and Belarus less than Sweden. Very logically. Belarus don't seem to have a good structure. Chemistry was not huge. Vitali Koval is a serious Goalie (like so many in this tournament) ... he gives little chances to beat him in a straight shot with vision. their other goalie Andrey Mezin isn't bad yet i believe they will play Koval.

I believe that we have a fair chance. We could face another dogfight like vs Norway.

any thoughts on your side ??

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