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09-25-2003, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by MN_Gopher
Do people realize that Dowd wears an A, He is a leader, has speed, will do anything that LeMaaire asks of him. He is certiny not flashy but lets just lose Jimmy and Darby. We will still have a solid checking center in.. well there is.. oh yeah bring up Wallin and Foy. lots more offense now, yeah. But wait our defense is getting worse and we are losing more face offs lately. And the kids are looking frusterated in the locker romm... i know lets look to the guys that one a cup and some veteran forwards. Walz got hurt, why. He had to double shift against Detroit, Toronto, Colorado, Dallas because we have one else on our team that can win a face off and play D. who else can we play at center, well give PM increased playing time he is what 19 now, ready to be a man by hockey standards. I ll stop now.

I now those two are not gods, They are actually just OK. They provide a role. They do their job well. They take loads of pressure of the youngsters, they do all the little things that u can not exept guys like PM, Schultz to even know about on and off the ice. This is a team game, we have great chemisitry going right now. Take away a vet or two and bring in a kid. Lets not over haul here. Dowd, Darby, Antii, Muckalt, Bombadir, Marshall will be gone in a year or two. Foy, Wanvig, Wallin Veilliex will still be there. Honestly has Wanvig or Vellieux inpressed you from what did when they got called up. If i remember Wanvig was an early cut but didnt Vellieux have a great pre season last year almost made the team, and wow he really tore it up with that call up, right? We are not hurting the kids by making them work harder and earn a spot and earn respect.

I'm not ready to say goodbye to Dowd quite yet. If we booted Hendrickson, we'd still have Walz, Laaksonen, Park, Dowd, Muckalt, etc. to handle the defensive responsibilities. That would be fine.

And I know it sounds cheesy, but I couldn't agree more with your last sentence. That sentence pretty much epitomizes the thread I started about bringing up 4-5 prospects. I want these youngsters to EARN their roster spot, not have it given to them. This team, and the players themselves, will be better in the long run if they have to fight and claw for their spot instead of getting it because they're young and more talented than Dowd, Park, etc. It might hurt mentally to get demoted now, but it'll make them hungrier and better. If they can't handle the demotion mentally, they're probably not strong enough to be real NHL contributors anyway.

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