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02-21-2010, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Tommy Dodge View Post
AD Annear could have done this in October when the problem began be he neglected not to. Instead wanting to broker a meeting and have his Hockey coach bend a little on his expectations to move the Panthers back to the long lost days of glory. Annear didn't put a stop to it then and by all accounts he isn't prepared to do anything further. He lost a coach, who although maybe a little unorthadox a times, was praised by boosters, alumini, fans, and the community for making the Panthers important in the PEI hockey community again.
During his 4+ seasons at the helm, Taylor recruited players from all three CHL leagues and the CJAHL.
He increased scholarship money by 15 times the amount when he took over.
He was able to secure the Panthers there own customized dressing room, ( private stalls, staionary bikes, video games, ping pong table, big screen tv,courtesy of Joel Ward) and even painting the walls himself!
He raised the profile of ex-alumni such a Joel Ward and tapped into the alumni to move forward drawing many boosters back to support the program as many from the glory years 1985-1995, as the university alienated many of these powerful people.
He established the team's own year-end awards named after many of the prominent players of UPEI past, Shellington, Currie, Carragher, Little Mulligan etc.
He established an intense off-ice program and strength and conditioning coach.
He brought on board a nutrionist.
He added an academic advisor to support the players. The men's team has the highest academic standing of any varsity team the past 4 years.
He and his staff developed the Panther Hockey Academy, delivering skills camps to hundreds of Island players durign the past 3 years.
He partnered with Hockey PEI to devlop scholarships for up and coming players.
8 of his graduates have gone on to pro at some level.
He organized several new fundraising initiatives to increase funding outside of the university budget.
He had season tickets nearly double in his time.
He establish the annual NCAA swing, which resulted in many powerful hockey and life experiences for players and fans.
He worked more than full time for part-time pay!
He lead the Panthers to thier only playoff victory since 1996. ( sad stat)
In the end he walked away from the program not wanting to damage any of the steps forward he took, for the sake for a couple of big egos and an AD who is a puppet for University administration.
It is up to the Boosters, fans, alumni , and university and coaches, whether that be Forbie or not to continue to improve UPEI and continue Dylan's dream to deliver a championship to PEI hockey fans.
If Dylan is responsible for all of this, why did it come down the way it did? Something in his methods ticked off enough players that they would quit on him. Can't buy the notion that they were unhappy about ice-time or stuff like that. Players might not be happy, but they don't mutiny over stuff like that. There has to be something more deep-rooted for it to fall apart the way it did.

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