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02-21-2010, 01:25 PM
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Unproven... I know... I don't have to publish my track-record to prove anything...

I'm just a big fan of hockey, who actually is a lot into the prospects world...

I still called for Frolik and Kulikov saying they would be building blocks for our team... And our scouting staff went that way too... So they will prove my worth...

I'm a big Nathan supporter too, and always defended him when a lot of people were throwing him under the bus and wanted his ass out... Those are the same embracing Horton's year this season !

I've always been on the side of optimism... That may be a weakness...

One thing for sure is that I won't stand on this side anymore if we don't get Beach out of Chicago !

He may never become the player I expect him to be... But he is the kid with the most impact potential the Black Hawks could sacrifice for Vokoun... And he HAS impact potential... Don't let MR fool you just because he is more proven !

And if our team is trading Tomas Vokoun, I want nothing less than impact potential coming back because T-Vo is OUR impact player !

And I've been around long before you showed your faces (or you changed your accounts and I'm not aware of it)...

I've been greatly wrong once... I expected Bouwmeester to compete for a Norris trophy by now, and I made a bet with Dr.Chimera (don't know if the guy is still around these boards)... But since then I've continued to follow his progression, and it has been a whole two or three years since I knew that Jay won't ever compete for a Norris... Or in a big career year... But a once in a lifetime experience, not a regular like I thought he would be !

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