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01-25-2005, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Canadian Chris the past week, I've bought a new putter -Odyssey 2 Ball which ran me $173 after tax

A Synergy Grip, only because I do like the feel of the 110 flex Shanahan which was $240 after tax

And then yesterday I decided I'd go out and buy some skates...and ultimately it came down to the Vector Pro's, which I loved for the heal/achillies area...but found were not wrapping my feet as nicely as the Graf G3's I went with the G3's...

And now tonight I get to play on them...and damn I CAN'T WAIT!
damn man, did you win the lottery?
early tax return?
much better job than me?

bettin on no.3

ive never had grafs. ccm guy myself. always tacks, how were the vectors?

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