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Originally Posted by Stripes View Post
What would you expect when the sport does not require shoulder pads, aside from the youngest age groups, and when not every association can afford a roller hockey floor, so they're playing on concrete floors?

Bodychecking is when you either deliver the contact with force or when you are traveling in the opposite direction as your opponent. Skating along side your opponent and pinching him off along the boards as you take the puck away is not bodychecking in any rulebook.

You can use your body to separate your opponent from the puck without throwing a bodycheck.
Ok, difference in terms, I typically explain that as positioning to players, as in, "Buddy skated hard to get inside position, there was no body on body, it was body in front of body, or body on stick"

I find that a bit easier to explain than to say the player used his body to get the puck and then have to explain how it wasn't a bodycheck.

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