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01-25-2005, 09:40 AM
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More of a personal story than a hockey story but it always made me laugh. My father in law was a Gordie Howe fanatic. He told his kids that when he was stationned in Western Canada in the military, he met Howe and they got to be friends. When I met my wife in the mid 70's she mentionned this to me and I thought about it and realized the dates didn't match. Her father was in Manitoba, not Saskatchewan, it was the early 50's as he served in Korea. Howe was already in Detroit by then. She realized her father had made it up and he just shrugged it off when she asked him about it. In the late 80's, a book cam e out called After The Applause about the lives of some ex players and what retirement was like for them. Richard,Howe,Hull and Beliveau did the national tour and autographed books. My brother got one signed for our father as a gift. I bought one for my father in law, and my wife, a decent artist with some forgery abilities, did the autographs along with a note from Gordie about how you shouldn't lie to your kids. The old man was horrified that we ratted him out to his hero. We never did set the record straight.

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