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Originally Posted by MOGiLNY
And do you tell your boss how much money you should be making or you won't show up for work? I always thought that people that aren't happy with their salaries usually look for another job instead of going on strike..
No, but if I was in the job market (UFA) and company X offers me 15% more than company Y as an incentive to go there, I'm going to company X.

I'm not on Bettman's side in this case, but the union is asking for far too much too, and I do believe that in order for the league to survive, they need some kind of cap. Whether that cap is reached with union approval or not, I don't care, I just want hockey back.
No again, a cap is needed for non hockey market teams to survive, not the league. Those small market teams with a loyal fan base will be aided by some form of revenue sharing. They'll have no problem surviving. Take away the bottom 6 teams and you eliminate over 50% of league wide losses (read that somewhere), have a healthier league, with the top talent from those six teams dispersed to teams where fans actually give a damn.

Now I obviously don't know much about the labour laws so I guess my original post in this thread wouldn't work, but if they did reach the impasse, I would love for the league to just implement the rules they want, and then those players that want to join would be welcome to do so. I'm sure a lot of guys would tell the union to F off and go for the NHL, it's not like they'd be making peanuts or anything.
Yup, players like Rob Ray, Steve Thomas etc. Ohhhh, the excitment. And, as a Leaf fan, how would you feel about watching a league full of low level scabs play when there's no team in Toronto anyway.

Look at European soccer, there are no player unions, and every league has it's own rules, yet, somehow they manage to trade players between each other, and everybody is happy.
There are players unions in Europe, The PFA (Professional Footballers' Association) for one. Don't know where you get your info from, but you really think that everybody is happy when a player is traded to another team for just money to another that can afford it? Beckham for example was traded to Real Madrid for $41 million US, or how about his $11.77 million US in salary plus $15 million in endorsements as part of his contract. How does that help the Calgary's and Edmonton's of the league. Yup, they'll be real happy if it went the way of European soccer.

edit. The one thing you can say about the English Football league though seeing as you brought up European soccer. It shows how a league can be successful with the proper fan base. How else can a league of 116 teams be sustainable in a country with a population of 50 million as opposed to a league struggling to maintain 30 teams in two countries with a combined population of over 326 million.

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