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02-21-2010, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by JMUcapsfan07 View Post
After reading the tinted visor thread on the home page I was wondering what other type of gear would result in players chirping at you out on the ice.

I've posted a few other threads and like I have said I'm a total newbie and will purchasing all the necessary equipment in the coming months. (I hope) So I was wondering what sorts of things would end up getting me clowned out there on the ice.

I came through high school playing a ton of football and basketball so I'm obviously tough enought to handle it out there but I would certainly like to avoid it as much as possible until I become skilled enough to not look like a complete fool out there.

Anyway, I thought this could be informative and result in some funny conversation.
Given how fast things are happening on the ice, and I speak from my vast experience of having played one whole time, I'd get that unless you were wearing a jersey and pants that are pink with purple polka dots, noone will notice...

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