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02-21-2010, 11:23 PM
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Originally Posted by ean View Post
Reading is fundamental:

You seem to be at odds with yourself right now. Case in point, your original post:

So in other words, you ask how much you'll be judged and consequently belittled for wearing a tinted visor. Most responses explain that you will be judged heavily and verbally assaulted constantly. Yet you decide to go out and get one. What's even more hilarious is that now you're trying to tell me not to judge you based on the equipment you're wearing, when everyone has told you that you WILL be judged solely for the fact that you're wearing a tinted visor. Gold.
No, what I am trying to tell you, is how narrow minded and idiotic it is.

If you're going to call me a tool...which you did. Don't expect me to just take it. There is a big difference between busting someones chops and calling them a tool.

I'm not one of those guys in beer league who would chirp you or try and screw with you because you've got the tinted visor, but I will think you are a tool, because you probably are.
Think about it, you're basing an opinion of someone based on something they choose to wear. If you bother to read the ENTIRE thread you'd see I didn't get it to look cool. I got it because the lighting in the rinks I play in blows.

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