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02-21-2010, 11:48 PM
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some of you guys are being a little picky i think

Ok basically just stick to normal conservative colors for helmets, gloves, pants, laces, tape, etc.. and you'll be fine.

stay away from #s like 00, 1, goalie numbers: roughly 29-36, and def stay away from numbers: 99, 87, 66, etc...

as far as helmets: I dont like the 8500 either, but not many guys I know will chirp someone who has it. just find a helmet that is safe and feels good for you, in a normal color and it'll be fine.

colored visors, mirror visor
Colored laces
Colored and patterned blade tape (except for Pink on Hockey Fights Cancer Month or team doing a cancer fundraiser)
Mouth guard hanging from your cage
wheel bags (unless you are a goalie/lady/handicapped)
A complete uniform of your favorite an NHL team
(ex saw a guy once with Blue Jacket pants, socks, gloves, custom jersey, helmet)
Jagr Mullet str8 from the 80s-early 90s

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