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01-25-2005, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Rolex
If they play this season, one of the things that I would bet on is that Roeneck is not on the roster. With all of the trash that he has pulled this off season, I'm sure that REC will peddle him if not cut him outright. So say bye to LeClair, Burke, Amonte and JR.
JR's contract is a bit hefty to buy-out considering the fact that he is still a productive player and we lack a top-line center. at the moment we only have three proven NHL-caliber centers... not about to get rid of one of one of them because he has a big mouth (which they knew before they signed him).

given the fact that we are looking at a small % of these contracts compared to if they had played a full season, i'm not sure it is really worth it to management to buy these guys out at this point... may be something to do following this condensed season. who knows?

Burke still has very good trade value, and we are only paying like 2.3 million for him to begin with because PHX is picking up a good portion of the tab, thus don't expect him to get bought out. hopefully he can be traded for some value, a pick or two most likely.

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