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02-22-2010, 03:29 AM
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Originally Posted by DogFoodEnforcer View Post
i havent got beaked at about my bauer 8500 helmet. only reason i got it was my past concussion problems...but im still surprised i havent heard about it. such an awkward lookin lid!!!

i wear bauer x60 skates (bought as a present). im surprised i dont get beaked about those either.

other than that. its all about the tinted aviator oakley shields. one of our dmen has one. he gets beaked non-stop. even by our players.hahaha
Top end skates won't get ya chirped unless you flat out suck. And I've honestly never heard someone chirped for a helmet, especially a protective one. Gretzky Jofas excluded of course.

And yes, Ovechkin gets chirped, as well as criticized on international TV. There is a reason he's toned down his look.

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