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02-22-2010, 03:28 AM
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Originally Posted by stv11 View Post
Belarus will be a tough opponent for sure. With 14 guys playing together for Dynamo Minsk, team chemistry won't be an issue for them, and, as Torero pointed out, they can count on strong goaltending. Hopefully Hiller can rebound from his poor game against Norway.

And if everything goes well, another opportunity against the US on Wednesday, which is IMO a better matchup than Sweden, Russia or Finland.
Well, i must say that when i watched Belarus playing ... id didn't strike me that they were playing together. The Finns or Swedes had much more chemistry than Belarus.
It is true that i knew they were playing together as a KHL team, yet it didn't strike me beyond that. We should note that it is not the best team in KHL. Dynamo Minsk is 11th/12 in the Western conference in KHL, They have 62points, the 10th/12 Severstal has 71 points. They are far behind. And the last (12th/12) is Vityaz, a disgrace to the Russian hockey. for interest ... it is in english.

About the USA ... an upset is possible. Specially that when we played against them on the first game, our guys were shooting so many times on the americans to get the puck out of the zone. They obviously were not used to play on the small rink under pressure. (easier to get the puck out in the european sized rink). Specially in the 1st and 2nd period we saw this. (when the US scored).
The US team is ok. At this level ... all teams are very serious. I am more intimidated by their goalies; Miller or Thomas are monsters. In my view few goalies (when playing well) are equal or above Hiller. Well these two are. (IMHO).
To compare with Canada : Brodeur or Luongo are legends. Miller and Thomas are walls.
They will underestiemate us. shure. They believe they beat us clean 1st and 2nd, and rested the 3rd, we came back and that is it. Then they are not scared of us physically. They have fun about the Sprunger/Bakes case (newspaper stuff that happened in these games !) and consider us as softies. I am convinced that their heart will underestimate us.
Funnily while i thought they were the team most likely to win the gold medal; I also agree that they are the best draw for us.

But le't beat Belarus first ! Which isn't done yet.
We lost and won against them in preparation games. How were these games ??

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