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02-22-2010, 03:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Markstrom Rules View Post
You're right, you're incredibly optimistic. Getzlaf??? Come on, man. Beach has nowhere near the talent Getzlaf had in junior. He was always supremely skilled, he was just thought of as lazy, that's why he didn't go top 10 in 2003. You seem to be reaching for these incredibly high heights, you need to lower your expectations a bit. Beach would sell his soul to the devil to become anywhere near as good as Getzlaf.
You put words in my mouth...

I never said Beach was as good as Getzlaf... I just asked you to go and watch the stats !

Getzlaf is already in the NHL so I know your speech will be different. But I would have love to see you debating on Getzlaf's potential in his last year in junior. But I guess Ryan is a whole other monster, and putting about a point-per-game in his last year of junior is AMAZING for a guy like Getzlaf !!

Whereas Kyle Beach is a bum, and leads his league in goal juste because he is 6'3 and 200 lbs and he runs over people due to him being a man amongst boys !

I love your opinion, I love reading your posts here... But man if I'm the incredibly optimistic one... You must be the deaf and the blind in the same body !

Kyle Beach was expected to be a top-3 or top-5 pick a couple of years before his draft year... Then people were scared away because of his attitude problems... So he fell to 11th... Getzlaf was expected to be a top-10 pick... Then people were scared away because of his skating and laziness...

Getzlaf may be supremly talented compared to Beach... My point was that you don't have to put huge numbers in the WHL to be considered a monster prospect...

You talk about my expectations, you don't even know them... Wanting a player because of his "home-run" potential doesn't mean you expect the guy to be Babe Ruth !

As I've said... Kyle Beach has the shot, the agitator style, the skating and the size to be quite an effective NHLer, what kind of NHLer will he be ? I don't know.

Can you explain why I need to lower my expectations ? People with low expectations are people easily satisfy... Satisfaction is death to me... So no thanks buddy !

I'm tired of this debate... What I don't get, is that you projected him to be a 30 goal-scorer 60 pts player if everything goes right... Even though you can't say a good thing about the player !

You even compared Garrett Wilson with the kid, and I was a gentleman, I didn't even laugh at you...

I may be an optimistic... You know what... That's fine as long as I don't get blind !

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