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02-22-2010, 08:24 AM
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SLake, I trust you are not as happy as you thought because you want them to be careful with our young forward. I know I do!

If so, for what it is worth, it sounds like they are trying to be careful. Iíve read several Swedish papers and media sites and from what I read, the Swedish team doctor ran Patric through a set of tests and he passed all of them. They also consulted with an NHL doctor who was on site and the NHL doc was in agreement that it does not look like Patric has a concussion. They said that while he passed the tests and is showing no symptoms of a concussion, symptoms could still develop, but currently everything is looking good. They said Patric want(ed)(s) to return and play. (My Swedish failed me here Ė not sure if they were saying he wanted to return to the game last night or he wants to come back and play Wednesday). I think it may have said he wanted to return last night because the article went on to say that he was held out of the rest of the game as a precaution.

Iím also going to trust that since Poile is up there, heíll take an interest in Patricís well being and have a few conversations before Patric gets back on the ice.

For anyone who did not see the hit a photo here shows how much of a direct hit to the head it was -

Thereís some good photos (good in quality - not good to see) of Patricís reaction to the hit in this set of photos Ė starting at photo 13 -

It was tough to see, itís the first time I can recall Patric not immediately jumping up from a hit and jumping right back into the play. He doesn't seem to be one to writhe around on the ice trying to draw a penalty.

From what I read, Joni Pitkšnen, who hit Patric, is suspended for Finlandís quarterfinal game.

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