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02-22-2010, 10:27 AM
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Are you familiar with how skate blades work?

If so, try to think of your skating movements from the perspective of what your blades are doing, as opposed to what your body is doing. This simple trick has improved my skating by leaps and bounds... in addition to lots of practice, of course.

For example, don't think of a forward to backward pivot as your body changing direction. Try to think of it in terms of the footwork. You already have it partially right in that you have to turn both feet pointing outwards.

Do you know what you're doing with your blades though? You're gliding on the inside edge of your front foot's skate, then shifting your weight and balance to the inside edge of the other foot.

When learning a new technique I try to go through this process:
1) What do my edges need to do?
2) What does my lower body need to do to manipulate my edges properly?
3) What does my upper body need to do to maintain balance while leaving myself open to receive a pass or take a shot?

Usually #2 falls into place once #1 is sorted out.

As far as exercises go for this... you'll need a strong and flexible groin, plus quadricep strength and good single-leg balance

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