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09-25-2003, 06:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Van
How do you know Comrie is complaining about his salary? How do you know the contract issue isn't based on the perfomance-based incentives, or about a no-trade clause, or about the length of the deal, etc?

There are so many aspects to a's not just about how much money you are going to make each season.

And Comrie wanting to attend camp without a contract is proof that he wants to stay in Edmonton. Lowe was a moron locking him out...I don't care if it is "team policy". Comrie is his future franchise player, and Lowe slapped him in the face by not allowing him at camp. If he had have let Comrie in camp, I bet a deal is done already.
Sorry can't agree with the Lowe is a moron crap either. Comrie was playing the negotiation game. Hoping to have a great camp to give him some leverage and I am sorry but it does not prove that Comrie wants to play in Edmonton. All it proves is he wants to play in the NHL.

It's not like Comrie didn't play that game once already! Who can forget him coming to camp, having a great camp and running to Kootenay basically forcing Lowe to sign him to a great, incentive laden contract.

Of course Comrie and Winter wanted to come to camp, and Lowe did the right thing by saying sign first!

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