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02-22-2010, 03:20 PM
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I've been chirped a few times. I was a goal/forward growing up so I always had two jersey numbers but once I wore the wrong jersey I was told by my coach after warm up.

My favorite people are the ones that were the Oilers or Kings jersey with the good old 99 I always say something when they get burned or have a turn over. I hate guys that try to copy ovechkin and crosby come on guys its beer league. But i'm a dork cause all my equipment is Minnesota Wild Colored and Team Finland Colored yes i have to sets cause those are my teams colors.

Any dumb ass that wears zubas or jogging pants I laugh come on people hockey pants aren't that much. The guys I hate that join my league are they guys who are puck hogs and have to score all the goals. We kicked a guy out of league cause he didn't pass in a game.

What I've been chirped about-

my green and red tape
my koivu jerseys
my oakley shield (its just a cheap one Nothing special)

What I've Chirped about-

99 on any jersey (atleast one a season)
old Jofa helmets (Gretzkey style)
66 on any jersey
Ovechkin and Crosby look a likes
Patrick Roy covered goal equipment
69 on anything (we had a team one season called the 69ers)
anything to do with super heros
people that wear roller hockey stuff for ice hockey LOL

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