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02-22-2010, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by hoonking View Post
Yeah, but why chirp at someone for using a wood stick? Thats like chirping at someone in basketball for wearing sneakers. I understand some of these things but the wooden stick is beyond me.
You chirp at them for using a wood stick because they are using a wood stick. It's the age of composites. Basically if you not wearing identical equipment as me you're going to get chirped and if you are wearing identical equipment as me you're going to get chirped. You get it now? You chirp at everyone for everything because you can and it get's under their skin.

Originally Posted by rinkrat22 View Post
you get a pass on getting beaked for being female, not for being handicapped. Although being female and never being wrong (just ask my wife) is kind of a handicap.
No way. Chirping at chicks on the rink is great. We have a woman that plays in my men's league that is actually quite good but I like to rib her every now and again just for being a girl.

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