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01-25-2005, 06:54 PM
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Wow. That is scary. I'm glad I wear HUGE shoulder pads (although they're not great at protecting my midsection). That said, I've been hit in the face twice with a puck/ stick. Once, I wasn't wearing a helmet to impress some girl during an adult stick and puck and it got me right in the forehead and caused no real damage. Got some stitches, but the scar healed.
The second time, I had a visor on and took a stick in the face and lost a tooth got a nasty scar. I've worn a full cage ever since and I recommend it to anyone who isn't in playing for $$$. You're health ought to come first and as I said in another thread, I'll keep my teeth in my mouth.

That said, chicks definitely dig the scar (and the story).

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