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Originally Posted by nystromshairstylist View Post
I am soaking this all in like a sponge, good tips...Noob, do you have any suggested:

1) drills to to improve one-legged balance
2) exercises to increase leg strength?
1) drills to to improve one-legged balance
While standing lift one leg until you thigh is parallel with the floor. You knee should bent at a 90 degree angle. Hold that for 30 seconds, then switch legs. It's harder than it sounds. This is something I've done in physical therapy as well as martial arts training. I like to do them barefoot so it works the ankle too.

2) exercises to increase leg strength?
I have two good ones for this, both given to me by a doctor during ACL re-hab to target strength and balance.

First one - Feet are shoulder width apart and your back is against the wall. Position you feet a few feet away from the wall, far enough so that you shins are parallel with the wall when you are in a squatting position. Squat down until you thighs are almost parallel with the floor and hold that for 10 seconds...remember back against the wall at all times. Push yourself about 3/4's of the way up and hold for 20 seconds. That is one.

Second one - This is a one legged lunge. Put your foot up on a small table or chair...doesn't need to be very high, a coffee table works great. Now your other leg should be sort of out in front of you. Lower yourself keeping your torso straight without extending your body out over your knee. If you extend outward your standing leg is too close. This is great for strength and balance. Start with 10 then switch legs.

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