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02-23-2010, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by TBLightningFan View Post
More or less general laziness. Other times they know someone on the bench and while watching the play on that end will still jaw back and forth with their buddy.

In a whole season get that feeling maybe twice. Also, I am never one to yell at the Ref or anything. I understand calls get missed or maybe something was in the way. Lower leagues will have some of the newbie refs too. Just on those rare occasions where you had to have really not been paying attention to miss it.
I don't find that refs aren't paying attention, because a lot of the time I assume they are paying attention something that's happening right in the heat of the play. But during our playoff series, I've noticed a few times the puck carrier will get slashed hard enough and obvious enough for it to be heard and seen across the rink, and the ref disregards it completely.
Or I'll be standing in front of the net, and the official will be behind me looking towards us with the play on the other side of the ice and I'll be taking the usual from the defenceman when he just turns and cross checks me across the back hard enough to knock me down and leave a stick mark, and it gets ignored.

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