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02-23-2010, 07:42 PM
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Originally Posted by TBLightningFan View Post
I am almost done with my first beginner season and I am still with this very question. I chose to shoot left (for now) not just for comfort skating, but it makes it better for situations when using just one hand.

Where my debate still comes in is that I had bowled since I was 4. So bowling (3-4 leagues a week) right handed for 26 years resulted in a much, much, much stronger right side. Playing garage hockey with my son I will tend to shoot right. I can really put a lot of power in a shot with my right hand lower. On the ice however, it feels plain wrong to have my left hand on the top. I think I just need to dedicate an entire skate and shoot session to each side and see whats what.

I guess my lingering question is.... What will happen first: My left side picking up strength or learn the dexterity?

My other nagging confusion is why I can roof a shot (hit the cross bar from inside the crease) backhanded but get no elevation AT ALL forehanded. Part of the learning!
Funny, I was JUST thinking to myself "I wonder if my mad bowling skills will have any effect on my hockey playing." I have been on a bowling league for the past 10 years (bowling right handed). I am actually just now aging out of my league which is why I'm switching to something different (hockey). R.I.P Bowling.

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