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09-25-2003, 08:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Weary
So what if instead of starting new franchises in existing cities the WHA attempts to lure existing franchises into the new league. Existing teams with established infrastructures would make the WHA much more viable. I'm not sure what the legal ramifications of this would be. (Probably only the NHL and existing owners understand them fully.) But an owner who is racking up losses year after year might be tempted. This applies especially to those teams that were formed as "venue fillers" for the arenas on nights when there are no basketball games or concerts.

If half a dozen teams moved from the NHL to the WHA it would help almost everyone:
The WHA would have established organizations with proper backing. The existing teams would add credibility to the league.

The teams that move would cut their losses (and maybe even generate profits) while stilling filling the arenas fourty-odd nights a year.

The teams left in the NHL would see revenues increase due to fewer cuts in the TV revenue pie. Teams would be more likely to make the playoffs, also helping that. Plus, with 24 teams, the NHL could expand again and we know how those owners love their expansion fees.

Fans would not have to worry about their local team going bankrupt or moving. This would be at the expense of quality of play, though. But the tickets would be once again affordable.

The PHPA would likely be the organization dealing with the WHA. They would see their membership numbers rise along with average salary. They won't worry about a salary cap (at least for a while).

THe NHLPA...well, they would be the ones left out in the cold. Their average salary would probably go up, but total revenue would definitely go down.

The elite players would be paid as much as they are now, if not more. The ones who can't make the NHL grade would have to take a salary hit, though. But hey, those guys are overpaid as it is.

Methinks Mr. Hull should start talking to some current NHL owners. It might be in (almost) everyone's best interest.
I think you're on to something, I'd love to see the NHL cut down to even as few as 16 teams, that would mean that the NHL gets better but it would also free up alot of talent for a league like WHA and the european leagues. Spread the wealth!

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