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09-25-2003, 09:03 PM
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He might make the team. And he might be great. Or he might suck and be sent down. His confidence also could get hurt by being rushed in the NHL(even for only 5-10 games). You guys have no idea what is and what would be going on in his head if he was to play for the pens this season.

All I am saying is that there's not much to gain by playing him this season as 19 year old starter behind what is most likely one of the 3 worst team in the NHL. There's absolutely no need or urgency for the pens to play Fleury in the NHL this year and since bringing a goalie in the league slowly and patiently has proven to be a good method thus far I just don't see why the pens should do it differently.

If you guys can't understand that some people hold an opinion that is different than yours then there's no point discussing it and let's agree to disagre.

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