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09-25-2003, 09:12 PM
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Originally Posted by IGM
Stauber won the hobie baker and set many records while in the NCAA. The Kings were offered the number one pick in the draft for him the year he turned pro.
You sure you're thinking of the right goalie? Robb Stauber was a *sixth* round pick. He turned pro in 1989, or 1990 depending on how you count, which would mean the Sundin draft, or the Nolan/Jagr draft. If LA had ever been offered the #1 pick for Stauber, they would have taken it in a millisecond.

As for Stauber himself, any comparison to Fleury couldn't be further off. There was no "rushing" of Stauber. He didn't play an NHL game until two years after he won the Hobey Baker. And that was it for that season, 83 minutes. And that was at the age of *23*. He didn't play another minute of NHL hockey until he was *26*.

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