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02-24-2010, 09:33 PM
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I've got 3 current sticks:

(2) Warrior Kronik 100 flex, right Draper curve
Hate this stick, snapped my Macdaddy in practice, and I thought I'd upgrade to this since it's lighter and newer, but the damn grooves near the bottom of the shaft throw me off. Should've bought a Dolomite instead :-/. Hope I snap them soon!
(1) CCM U+ 100 flex, right Lecavalier curve
LOVE this stick, the whole thing is nice and light, smooth and just crazy responsive. Pretty ridiculous curve too :-P, but my backhand doesn't seem to be suffering as long as I start the shot on the heel. Might buy a CrazyLight in a little while because this one has a stress mark near the bottom of the shaft, which tells me it's on the way out.

All three sticks have been cut down about 3 inches, so they're a bit stiffer, and come up to around my adam's apple/lower chin when on skates. I used to keep 'em longer, but the whippy flex and lack of control while stickhandeling/passing was killing me.

Before this, I owned a TPS Response C4 with a Sundin curve in a Whip Flex, my first one-piece. Nice starter stick, but I dumped it off onto one of the girls I coach, along with my backup (Mission Toxic 10k Hossa curve, big mistake, that thing was a tank). This is a cool thread, keep it going!

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