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02-24-2010, 09:39 PM
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Skates are the one piece of hockey equipment really worth blowing big money on, here's why. 1) Stiffness. Top end skates tend to be substantially stiffer, e.g. not much lateral flex, which robs you of energy transfer. This usually means they last quite a bit longer too. 2) More protective boot. Block a heavy slapper in a one35 and a one95. The saved medical bills alone will pay for the difference. 3) Weight. This one is self-explanatory. 4) Misc components like the liner, so the skate will dry out faster and potentially make it feasible to skate barefoot. Most better skates also feature better tongues, better for comfort, blocking shots and weight. 5) Better steel and holders. Lighter is better in this category, most of the time, and higher end skates mostly feature innovations and/or substantial weight reduction in either of these departments. 6) The ability to customize (not with all high end skates). I hope that helped.

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