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02-24-2010, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Husker View Post
Maybe I should rephrase. These refs decide not to call painfully obvious infractions. Players see this and get bolder and it goes down hill. These refs get paid. If you or myself slacked off and decided we didn't need to do our jobs it wouldn't end good. These refs continue to rake in their 120-200 dollars a night regardless of what they do.
Why do the players "get bolder"? Why can't they control their own actions and play the kind of hockey it really is.. RECREATIONAL?

$120-200 a night? I don't believe that. We have a well-paying league here, and they pay $25-30 per game, and nobody does more than 2-3 games a night.

You want to know why a lot of refs slack off in beer leagues and "get away with it"? It's because nobody wants to take their "jobs". I put "jobs" in quotation marks because officiating is a job for nobody outside of professional hockey, and even a lot of minor pro hockey officials do it in addition to their day jobs.

Originally Posted by SJGoalie32 View Post
So it is also with officiating. No referee has 100% control over the players' actions on the ice, but they can influence how the game is played......and I find it somewhat disturbing that you as an official don't seem able or willing to recognize the role one can play in that.
I never said a game cannot be controlled by penalties. My entire point is that when penalties are called, it is 100% up to the players to control themselves due to the penalties being called. My other point, especially in minor hockey and adult rec leagues, is that when these penalties are not called (which will happen often with young/inexperienced and uncertified officials in the beer league), they still need to to control their actions, and when they don't, the referee is the scapegoat because according to them calling penalties has some kind of magical power that the adults on the ice/bench cannot comprehend.

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