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09-25-2003, 10:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Van
How do you know Comrie is complaining about his salary? How do you know the contract issue isn't based on the perfomance-based incentives, or about a no-trade clause, or about the length of the deal, etc?

There are so many aspects to a's not just about how much money you are going to make each season.

And Comrie wanting to attend camp without a contract is proof that he wants to stay in Edmonton. Lowe was a moron locking him out...I don't care if it is "team policy". Comrie is his future franchise player, and Lowe slapped him in the face by not allowing him at camp. If he had have let Comrie in camp, I bet a deal is done already.
he has made 8 million since starting to play for us 2 1/2 years ago.... as another guy said, he plays on the first line, gets tons of PP time, gets to play in his home town in front of family and friends.... if its not about money, what could it possibly be about? and dont say incentives, because thats just another way of saying its about money

and the reason that winter and comrie said they wanted to attend camp is OBVIOUSLY because they knew lowe would not allow him at camp.... you know, like almost every other team does in situations like this.... they wanted to come out looking like the good guys and make lowe look bad..... too bad we're not all idiots and most of us can see right through this propaganda move on their part

comrie has been asked numerous times whether he asked for a trade and whether he still wants to play in edmonton and he has not said yes in any way, shape or form..... to me, and anybody with half a brain, that means that he no longer wants to play in edmonton or that hes too big of an idiot to realize that NOT saying he wants to play here is as good as saying that he DOESNT wantto play here..... and i dont think that comries so stupid to not know how the fans would react to him not coming out and saying he wants to stay/play here...... all the comrie camp is trying to do is force lowes hand in a trade..... i hope that hemsky, isbister, dvorak, york and smyth light it up for the first 10 or so games and comrie doesnt get a contract at all this year, that will serve him right for all the ******** that the comrie camp has been pulling

most of you are gonna think after reading this that i dont like mike... and you would be wrong.... i like him a LOT actually.... i think hes a great player whos going to be very special in a couple years, but he needs to grow the ***** up and be a man.... and not just his agents puppet

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